Dundlod Fort Shekhawati Rajasthan

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Dundlod Fort, the 17th century Rajputana Fort studded with monumental nostalgia of Shekawats, the warrior Rajputs who with stood the onslaught of Mughal hordes . Since then the cultural heritage of splendid Rajasthan is preserved as its ethos are imbibed in architectural grandeur of the Dundlod Fort.Seth Arjun Das Goenka always thought big and bold. Once the decision was made he never looked back. Life had bestowed on him wealth and grace that is what the word “Seth” denotes. And according his image in Shekhawati Seth Arjun Das Goenka built the magnificent haveli at Dundlod in having 20 rooms, big and small, spread on first and second floors in a square courtyard for their living. Not only did Arjun Dazs want his haveli to be functionally efficient but he also wanted the views to be aesthetically appearing from all sides. He took the advice of an architect who had experience of designing havelis. And a dream came true.

Dundlod was a thikana of Shekhawat rulers under Jaipur state. Its fort was built in 1750 by Keshari Singh, the fifth and youngest son of a Rajput ruler Sardul Singh. Major additions were made in the early 19th century by his descendant Sheo Singh. Dundlod can be reached by road from Delhi, Jaipur, and Bikaner. Members of the wealthy Goenka merchant family also settled at Dundlod and their prosperity is evident in their richly fresco painted havelis here. The beautiful Chhatri of Ram Dutt Goenka and the adjacent well were both built by Ram Chandra Goenka in 1888.

Dundlod fort is a blend of the Rajput and Mughal art and architecture. The Diwan- e- Khas (Hall of private audience) has stained glass windows, fine antiques and an impressive library. The zenana quarters are on the 1st floor featuring exquisite decors and furniture. The fort is converted into a cozy and comfortable abode. The dress code of the state and grand hospitality with the horse guards are an attractive factor.