Khandar Fort – Sawaimadhopur – Rajasthan

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Khandar Fort is located on top of a strategic vertical hill, the Khandar Fort in Sawai Madhopur could never come under an easy attack and thus was truly regarded as invincible and was a favorite of many dynasties in India. It is also said that king of this fort never lost in war. This fort also tells some historical stories by the damaged walls and gates.

The fort was long ruled by the Sisodia kings of Mewar after which it was taken over by the Mughals for a short while before coming under the direct control of the Maharajas of Jaipur in the 18th century.

This fort also belonged to Bargujar Kings and was attacked by Allaudin Khilji.It is very near to the rivers as Chambal & Banas.

There are seven temples within the fort. There is an old Jain temple which displays an exquisite work of carved rock idols of Jain Gurus. There is also a Hanuman temple with a single stone idol of Lord Hanuman with a demon under its feet. The other temples at the Khandar Fort are Chaturbhuja Temple, Gobind Devji Temple, Jagatpalji Temple, and Jayanti Mata Temple. Chaturbhuja Temple houses an impressive idol of the four armed God. An annual fair is held at the Jayanti Mata Temple. There is also the beautiful Rani Temple of the Khandar Fort located on top of the highest platform of the fort and perhaps the most magnificent part of the Fort. There are a lot of damaged sculptures here.

Other attractions at the Khandar Fort are the two huge water tanks of Ramkunda and Laxmankunda . Seven small ponds are also there but due to lack of maintenance, only four ponds are clearly visible. Tigers, leopards, and many other wild animals can be easily seen in the fort. There is Maa Jayanti And Bramani’s temple in the fort and the place of Jind Baba is also famous . Mr. Bharat Lal Dwivedi, head of a Committee named as Jind Baba Seva Samiti Khandar, is working hard for the development of the esteemed temple of goddess Jayanti.