Roopangarh Ajmer Rajasthan

Roopangarh Fort is a former fortress and palace in the town of Roopangarh, Rajastan, India that is today a hotel. The fortress was originally built by, and named after, Maharaja Roop Singh of Kishangarh in 1648. It was sited at strategic point atop a hill to the north of Kishangarh controlling the important trade route to the Sambhar Salt Lake. Around the fort a substantial town grew up that became a centre for artisans and manufacturers. For a century it also served as the primary residence of the Maharajas of Kishangarh, and the capital of the state. An ornate palace was built next to the fortress.

A.D.1611 : Kishangarh – where every inch of land was conquered by a brave lineage of kings; who after many a glorious battle and heroic secrifices, established their kingdom.

A.D.1649 : Roopangarh – they made it their Capital. For a hunderd years, it became a town of unparralled grace a Roopanagar which literally means a ‘city of beauty’. Roopangarh Fort became the hub of activity. Within its nine turreted fortification were made foundries, armouries,granaries, secret passages, jails and step-wells. Adjacent to the ‘charbhuja’ (4 towered fortification) nestled the palaces, delicated and fragile. The beauty of living was transcribed to a refined architecture in the form of large audience halls, incredibly high ceilings, wide doors and casements as if the inhabitants drank nothing but the exhilarating breeze.


In 1999 the Maharaja opened the fort as a hotel, but left the interior and exterior little changed from its time as a palace.